• All items will be delivered and stored close to offloading area. Proper site access must be provided. Once delivered on site, supplier is not responsible for any theft or damage of the products.
  • Ventanas is not responsible for the distribution of windows and doors to the final location if contract is supply only and installation will be done by third party.
  • Customer is responsible to remove the protection film cover in maximum 2 months from installation. The plastic film can glue to frame from intense sun exposure and heat and might not come out easy or even might remain on frames permanently. In this case Ventanas is not responsible if protection film cover cannot be removed.

Payment conditions:

  • 50 % deposit, 50 % balance before delivery.
  • Delivery cannot be scheduled if account is not settled as per above conditions.
  • Deposit paid is not refundable.
  • No refunds are given on changes to sizes, designs or cancellations after deposit has been paid.
  • A 2% monthly interest charge will apply to any overdue amounts.
  • In case of any outstanding balance overdue, any service calls or final adjustments will not be scheduled,
    and warranty will be no longer valid.
  • Due to the complex nature of windows and doors orders, Ventanas reserves the right of final acceptance by our production department. If changes are required and if they will increase the contract price, customer must agree to price adjustment by signing a Change Order before order goes in production. Production department can change without notice any production specs in order to meet.