Aluminum-Clad Wood Frames

Elevate your home with the perfect fusion of elegance and strength! Introducing our aluminum-clad wooden frame windows and doors—a dazzling blend of solid red oak and powerful aluminum. Say goodbye to maintenance hassles as the patented method keeps them pristine, while exceeding thermal codes in Vancouver and BC. Embrace beauty, performance, and energy efficiency in one extraordinary package.

Red Oak

Red Oak



Red Oak
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Discover the epitome of elegance and durability with our frames. Crafted from American red oak solid wood, built to last generations. Waterproof German-made paint adds protection and finesse. Choose from 16 standard colors or create a custom hue. Elevate your space with timeless beauty.

This is the part of the window that opens to the inside or outside. It’s made from 100% solid red oak, teak or cherry wood.

Our windows and doors use the world’s best hinges, handles and accessories: Maco, Roto and G-U.

Triple glazing tempered glass with argon fill and silicon warm edge spacer. Our IGUs (insulated glass units) are IGMAC and IGCC certified and adhere to the highest standards. Our glass thickness ranges between 5MM and 6MM. Our glass Uw (U-Value) stands at 0.72 W/m2K. With these specs, our glass provides a higher level of security, noise reduction and thermal values.

Transform your home exterior with our seamless edge, powder-painted elegant aluminum frames. Crafted with precision, these frames offer a distinctive touch that sets your home apart. Our high-quality alloy is designed for low maintenance, ensuring that your frames remain in pristine condition throughout the year. Shielding the wood from the elements, these frames provide lasting protection while enhancing the beauty of your home’s exterior. Elevate your curb appeal.

Experience both beauty and practicality with our meticulously crafted water drainage system. Specially designed to complement the aesthetics of your space, it ensures that your frame maintains its captivating looks. No need to worry about excess water causing damage – our innovative drainage solution keeps it at bay, guaranteeing your frame remains in top-notch condition. Embrace elegance and functionality with our thoughtfully designed water drainage, enhancing your frame’s appeal and longevity effortlessly.

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Color Options

Aluminum Clad Colors

Wood Colors

Thermal Values of our Aluminum-clad Wood Frame Windows*

Window Type U-Factor (W/m2K) SHGC VT
Picture (fixed) 0.99 0.18 0.30
Casement In-swing 1.19 0.12 0.20
Casement Out-swing 1.52 0.11 0.17
Tilt & Turn 1.04 0.16 0.27
Awning In-swing 1.20 0.12 0.20
Awning Out-swing 1.53 0.11 0.17
* Based on triple-glazed, 5MM, tempered glass with 2 Low-E coatings, warm-edge spacer and 90% argon fill.
CSA, QAI, Windows & Doors NAFS