Wood windows Milgard

Aluminum Clad Wood

Solid red oak from the inside, maintenance-free aluminum from the outside. It’s the perfect duet for windows that last a life-time.

Reynaers Aluminium - SlimLine 38 - Window


Not only do thermally-broken aluminum frames give our windows and doors strength, they also add a modern touch to your home.


If you’re looking for practical, high performance windows and doors, our steel-reinforced vinyl frames are the natural choice.


The way a window operates provides the right amount of light and air flow your room needs.
Take time to envision how you want your window to open and what it can help you achieve throughout your home.

Casement Window

Casement windows are hinged on the side and open like a door. Our casement windows feature both handle and roto-crank out style. Our double weather stripping achieves a strong envelope seal. They are great choices for an elegant traditional look.

Awning Windos

Awning windows are usually hinged from the top and open like, you’ve guessed it, an awning. They provide a great ventilation while preventing rain water from entering your home.

Tilt & Turn Window

Tilt and Turn windows are European-style windows that perform dual actions. They open just like a casement window but then they can also tilt to from the top just like an inverted awning, allowing for air to come to your home in a secure fashion.

Fixed Window

Picture windows (also called fixed windows) are windows that, you’ve guessed it, are fixed. Most windows comprise one or two fixed windows alongside an operable sash. Picture windows represent the highest level of thermal efficiency.

Sliding Window

You can choose to have both sashes or one sash slides while the other is fixed. Sliding windows are one of the earliest generations of windows and they fit any room style while avoiding swinging inside or outside.

Bay or Bow Window

These windows allow for an extra space within the room which can be decorated or furnished stylishly. The beautiful protrusion from outside also adds a character and class to your home.