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We have answers to most questions. But if you think you have a question that we didn’t cover, feel free to ask. We will get back to you before you can say Ventanas.


We build all of our products to customer’s specifications, sizes and color choices. The manufacturing process varies in length from 4 to 8 weeks in general. Our aluminum-cladding wood line takes about 10 weeks, especially if a non-standard color is chosen.

You bet. Our products exceed Vancouver’s thermal requirements and NAFS’ performance standards. Click on the certification tab to learn more.

We make our windows and doors from the highest quality frames and glass that range in warranty from 10 years to lifetime. We also use Austrian- and German-made hinges and handles that ensure durability and ease of use. Our insulated glass units (IGUs) have the seal of IGMA and IGCC which stringently govern glass manufacturers around the world.

Because we never build standard-sized windows and doors, once a product is sold it cannot be returned unless there is a manufacturing defect, which we haven’t encountered so far.

Yes. Simply let us know the delivery address and we will ship your finished products right to your doorstep.

This depends on three factors: your own requirements, your budget and your location. Generally, double-glazed tempered glass with two Low-E coatings can be used in most jurisdictions. If your property is in the city Vancouver however, we recommend using triple-glazed glass. If your property is near a high-noise area, you can upgrade your windows and doors to include laminated glass which eliminates up to 93% of outside noise.

You see, window and door frames have two sections, inside and outside. The outside section is the one that gets most, if not all, of the beating. Rain, dust, sunshine, to name a few. We only use high-grade, American, solid red oak wood in the inside frame and clad it with maintenance-free, high durability aluminum from the outside to protect the wood from the elements. We also treat the wood and we paint it with waterproof paints that protect it from rotting. Our aluminum-clad wood frame products have been around for many years.

This depends on your individual needs. We personally like Tilt & Turn windows because of their versatility and safety features. But casement and awning windows are also very popular. Sliding doors are great if you want straightforward windows. If you are still not sure, talk to us and we are happy to make some recommendations.

Ventanas hires Window-Wise installers who are certified by the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada to install all type of window and door at any home for a fee. This will be pointed in the quotation you will get from us before you place your order. You may also choose to install our products yourself or through a third-party installer of your choice.